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Copywriter Confidential Interview With Neville Medhora

In this interview, I talk with one of the first people to influence me to start copywriting.

My main man Neville Medhora introduced me to AIDA, Gary Halbert, and how to write fun emails that sell.

To say he was a big influence on me is a huge understatement!

Inside the interview, Neville talks about how he initially discovered the power of email copy through a promotion he wrote to a bunch of ravers and soccer moms…

And how he used those techniques to jumpstart Appsumo in the early days.

He also lets out his secret “golden ratio” to writing daily emails without burning out a list and keeping subscribers excited for more.

I thoroughly enjoyed this interview and I think you will too.

Wanna get in touch with Neville or learn more about what he’s working on?

Here’s where he hangs out:




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